The latest trend in Rum Cakes.

Unlike traditional rum cakes, our impression of what a rum cake should be is not that it is just food.

At Craverum, rum cakes are flavorable works of art bindividuallyb baked to perfection.

Each cake, hand made from scratch, is personally attended to by a seasoned chef. From beginning to end, all details of the baking process are performed with care.

This is our way of assuring you of the finest quality, and our way of backing up our tagline:
bAn out of body experience at first bite!b

Craverum rum cakes are blended to perfection with exotic flavors much like the way an artist blends
color on a canvass. All CraveRum rum cakes are baked with purpose and promise to deliver the culinary experience you expect and deserve.

Craverum cakes, over 40 flavors to choose from, each designed to stimulate your senses.

If you have a special day or event planned, please do not wait to order your CraveRum rum cake.
Because of high demand, and because these homemade-style desserts are not mass-produced, we
suggest you place your order two weeks in advance.
In this we can guarantee product satisfaction and on time delivery.


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